Fr. John Bambrick, Pastor

Ms. Elizabeth O'Connor, Principal

Mrs. Nancy Hegedus, Assistant Principal

Saint Aloysius School Integrated Pest Management Plan


The New Jersey School Integrated Pest Management Act of 2002 requires schools to implement a school integrated pest management policy.   As per this policy, each local school Board of a school district, the Chief Administrator of a public school, each Board of Trustees of a charter school, and each Principal or Chief Administrator of a non-public school as appropriate, shall implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM) procedures to control pests and minimize exposure of children, faulty, and staff to pesticides.   Saint Aloysius School shall develop and maintain an IPM plan as part of the school’s policy.


Integrated Pest Management on school property is a long-term approach to maintaining healthy landscapes and facilities that minimizes risks to people and the environment. Our school will use ongoing site assessment, pest monitoring, and pest prevention in combination with a variety of

pest management tactics to keep pests within acceptable limits. Instead of routine chemical applications, our school will employ mechanical, physical, and biological controls with selective use of pesticides when needed.


Implementation of IPM procedures will determine when to control pests and whether to use mechanical, physical, cultural, biological or chemical methods.   Applying IPM principles prevents unacceptable levels of pest damage by the most economical means and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.


Each school shall consider the full range of management options, including no option at all.   Non-pesticide pest management methods are to be used whenever possible.   The choice of using a pesticide shall be based on a review of all other available options and a determination that these options are not effective or not reasonable.   When it is determined that a pesticide must be used, low impact pesticides and methods are preferred and shall be considered for use first.


Click on the links to access the Annual Notification letter as well as SAS IPM Plan.