Fr. John Bambrick, Pastor

Ms. Elizabeth O'Connor, Principal

Mrs. Nancy Hegedus, Assistant Principal

Governor Christie released his budget in February and decreased nursing and technology money, elimination of security funding and did not increase transportation funding.  We rely on this funding and as a taxpayer, we need your voice to be heard.


As bad as it is that security was removed entirely, transportation remains our greatest concern since getting children to school must remain our main objective.  We cannot lose students simply because they cannot get here.  As you will read in the talking points, no public school student is ever denied transportation because of funding.


There are options regarding what action can be taken.  There is a link to Votervoice  in the attached alert below, calls can be made to your legislator’s office; e-mails and letter writing campaigns are all worthwhile and very helpful.


The option that is most effective is a face to face meeting with your assembly person or senator.  Attached are lists showing who is on the assembly and senate budget committees and the districts they cover.  Also attached are information sheets to review so when you talk to a legislator you will be familiar the issues.


Thank you for any help you can give.



Ms. O’Connor



2017 Alert Transportation and security ISSUES

2017 Talking Points for Cuts in Nursing Technology and Security

2017 Talking Points for Nonpublic School Transportation

Assembly Budget Committee with Contact Info 2016 2017

Senate B  A with Contact Info 2017